Welcome to the Horizon Local No. 4 Website

Welcome to our Alberta Teachers' Association Local website.  The purpose of this website is to give our local members quick relevant information.


Education Round Table - 

February 7, 7PM @ Taber Civic Centre Meeting Rooms

 Share your thoughts and opinions on what the future of Education in Alberta should look like!



PD Forms

There is a new joint PD claims form, CLICK HERE.


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Contact Information for Local Chairs:
President: Sean Dupuis
Email: sdupuisincanada@gmail.com

Treasurer: Qian Zhang
Email: qianzhang1@gmail.com

Local Communications Officer: Dan Pulfer

Email: dan.pulfer08@gmail.com

Social committee: Sharalyn Patching 
Email: purpledivas@yahoo.com 

NSC chair: Sean Dupuis
Email: sdupuisincanada.com

Secretary: Adara Morrow
Email: adaraam@gmail.com

District Representative: Katherine Pritchard
Email: katherine.pritchard@ata.ab.ca

LAFEC: Bryan Pritchard
Email: Bryanpritchard@gmail.com

Economic Policy Committee chair: Walter Plumtree
Email: plumtreewww@gmail.com

PD chair: Amber Kallen
Email: amberivan@gmail.com