Welcome to the Horizon Local No. 4 Website

Welcome to our Alberta Teachers' Association Local website.  The purpose of this website is to give our local members quick relevant information.


Oct 3, 2018 Qian has provided us with an update on the PD Funds: 



PD Forms

There is a new joint PD claims form, effective June 2017.  It can be accessed through this link.

The September 2017 PD Report is available here.


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Contact Information for Local Chairs:
President: Walter Plumtree
Email: plumtreewww@gmail.com

Treasurer: Qian Zhang
Email: qianzhang1@gmail.com

Local Communications Officer: Dalziel Whipple

Email: dalziel.whipple@gmail.com

Social committee: Please consider volunteering!

NSC chair: Sean Dupuis
Email: sdupuisincanada.com

Secretary: Please consider volunteering!

District Representative: Katherine Pritchard
Email: katherine.pritchard@ata.ab.ca

LAFEC: Bryan Pritchard
Email: Bryanpritchard@gmail.com

Economic Policy Committee chair: Walter Plumtree
Email: plumtreewww@gmail.com

PD chair: Nicole Kusick
Email: ravenousbookworm@hotmail.com